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Birthday Of Upendra

पूर्वा चतुर्वेदी

Upendra Rao, known as Upendra, is an Indian filmmaker, actor, and politician known for his work in Kannada cinema. He started his film career under actor and film director Kashinath, as a writer and an assistant director. He is currently one of the highest paid directors and actors in the Kannada cinema industry.In the mid 1990s, Upendra directed Om, which portrayed actual Bangalore gangsters, followed by A, which was his debut film as an actor.

Movies directed by Upendra :

1. Uppi 2 in 2015
2. Super in 2010
3. Upendra in 1999
4. Swasthik in 1998
5. Omkaram in 1997
6. Operation Antha in 1995
7. Om in 1995
8. Shhh! In 1993
9. Tharle Nan Maga in 1992

Songs done by Upendra :

i. Kabzaa Theme Music 2
ii. Uppittu Uppittu
iii. Kayi Kayi Uppinakayi
iv. Kabza Theme Music
v. Uppigintha Ruchi
vi. Maatanaadi Maayavade
vii. Nan Sigdhakadru Kannada
viii. Come On Come On
ix. Ondanondu Kaaladinda
x. Ondu Nimisha
xi. Lightaagi

Awards won by Upendra :

Filmfare Award for Best Director – Kannada in 2000 , Filmfare Award for Best Film – Kannada in 2000

More about Upendra :

Upendra, his next film, starred Raveena Tandon, a Bollywood actress. After a decade of acting in Kannada, Telugu and Tamil films, he returned to the role of director with the multilingual movie Super, which was well-received critically and commercially. Upendra directed movies were not remade in other languages.
Upendra got an Honorary Doctorate from Angkor University in 2015.Upendra is known for his thematic representation of Indian politics and society in films directed by him. In October 2017, he joined a political party Karnataka Pragnyavanta Janata Paksha. However, owing to internal differences, he quit the party five months later and formed another party named Uttama Prajakeeya Party (UPP) based on the principles of Prajakiya (citizen-centric administration).

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