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About Us

Biyani Times, A Monthly Newspaper, Which Contain only the positive news, positive articles and positive events. It has been launched by Biyani Shikshan Samiti, on the very auspicious day “Basant Panchmi”,15 Feb 2013.

With launching Biyani Times our team took a new oath to provide current news to society, the news which give you positivity, energy & updates. A new oath to develop positive thinking in our society, a new oath to introduce a new world in which, there is no crime, no corruption, no accident, no thieves, and no robberies. A new oath to show new picture of developed & prosperous India and a new oath to motivate to do good works by showing good works. India’s former President Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad said that, “In India we only read about deaths, diseases, violence, terrorism and crime.” According to Psychology, what we read directly affects our thinking, our thoughts will set our morals and we tend to work according to our morals. So Finally our working style is set forever like that. So the most important thing is what we are reading, what we are listening, what we are speaking and how we are finally conducting ourselves, so it,s really important to pay attention to all these points.

Regarding all these points, Biyani Times adopt good virtues like positivity, energy and updates. Biyani Times will present news ,that will bring smile to faces, will bring satisfaction and will bring proud feeling and that can also teach a lesson. Biyani Times’s mission is to create a positive environment the society.

Biyani Times Covers all segments of Information where, there is a powerful, meaningful & inspirational editorial in which Chief Editor & famous writer Dr. Sanjay Biyani discuss about current issues of particular month. Along with it, there are regional, national, international, political, educational, cultural & sports news. There are also educational articles, health tips, beauty & lifestyle segments, poems & interviews of famous personalities.

So, Be Updated, be positive & be energetic and read  Biyani Times regularly.

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