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Various diseases can be classified in two categories- the acute diseases and the chronic diseases. Acute diseases like viral, typhoid etc. may last for 5 days to maximum three months. Only in the rare case it may last maximum six months. Acute diseases are temporary in nature and may be caused by external germs.
Chronic diseases are of permanent nature depending on our lifestyle or on our thought pattern. Due to this the quality of life declines permanently, life span becomes lesser day by day. All chronic diseases are psycho-somatic type & these occur due to our psychic impressions. Genesis of all chronic diseases is man-made.
How can you get rid of these chronic diseases? Simple answer is by listening to good things. By listening our mind becomes fresh & our psychic impressions become better. If your ego stops you to listen to or accept good knowledge then it may create problem in heart in the long run. So all psychosomatic impressions are created each moment. Doctors only do post-mortem analysis in future Medical Science cannot stop creation of bad cholesterols which originate by our psychic impressions. We can stop this if we understand why is it necessary to listen to all the good around us. Why should we do exercise at least 5 -10 minutes in the morning? Why should we meditate?
Most people are the very type of Duryodhana whose ego do not allow them to listen or to adopt anything good. Duryodhana says in the epic “I don’t understand due to which force I am compelled to follow the wrong part and create more problems for others and myself ”. If we really understand the difference between the acute & the chronic diseases, due to effect of psychic impression our lifestyle could improve, we will able to listen, we will grow like a child. Otherwise we would live in a ‘COMA’ stage. We have a fixed idea, we don’t want to change, don’t want to learn or listen. Do you want to live in ‘COMA’ stage?
By thinking about right thoughts our feelings, emotions can be improved. Body secretes hormones every moment. Some hormones dissolve in blood and travel in all the parts of our body. Saliva, perspiration are some of the hormones which our body secretes. These hormones are very important depending on our thought pattern and on our emotions. We always criticize and find faults in others. These utterances always come back to us and we would suffer.
Ninety percent of these emotions can be controlled if we outpour happy feelings. Happy emotions help to secrete healthy hormones. Meditation helps us to attain mental peace and to develop inner strength, the power of acceptance. Exercise helps us to be fit.
We should feel the importance of listening and feel what is right for us. We can make ourselves free from the chronic diseases and lead a happy, healthy life.

Prof. Sanjay Biyani
Director (Acad.)
(Thoughts delivered in Assembly held on 16th March, 2016)

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