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Whatever you do in life, you should enjoy it, celebrate it and involve yourself with happiness. While teaching and sharing knowledge also if you enjoy doing that, then only students will enjoy and grab that knowledge. Knowledge is everything, knowledge is power, knowledge is money, knowledge is happiness and knowledge is peace. Sometimes students come from unpleasant environment or they are not happy with their own actions and decisions and they start thinking “why I am like this”? ‘Why I am so unlucky” etc.?

So if a teacher goes to a class charged with happiness, can charge the whole class with positivity and he can also change the mood of depressed students. It’s mandatory to work with happiness. This is today’s 1st lesson. So please make sure that you always carry happiness and when you go back home, you should spread happiness there also. It’s your responsibility not to annoy anyone with your presence because we have no right to make anyone unhappy. Today’s 2nd lesson is decision making. Most of the people especially girls cannot take their own decisions. It’s because of their uncertain goal and due to lack of power to take decision, they are failed to decide the object correctly. Once the goal is fixed you can choose the right track.
Decision making is knowledge. While taking decision don’t get confused. Just because of decision –making ability, one can become P.M. Narendra Modi or Bill Gates or Mother Teresa. One correct decision can change your entire life. Your object should be well defined to determine the goal of your life. Tell your parents not to make you soft like moon so that people will just watch you and appreciate your external beauty. But make you like sun that has the power to burn all impurities and make the atmosphere pure, so everyone will bow down So to make correct decision rule no. 1 is object should be well defined and rule no. 2 is you should have adequate knowledge and lot of peace of mind. For getting knowledge body supports us. And we can keep our body fit by doing some exercises. Body is a vehicle which helps us to achieve knowledge. When body and mind both become alert then we can do wonders .When our heart and mind combines then we can do extra ordinary things. When body, mind, soul is activated, we can achieve anything in this world.
Your attitude is one of the most important, most powerful factors in your life. Good attitudes bring good results, and bad attitudes bring bad results. It is your attitude, more than your aptitude that will determine your altitude. Let us do 15 min exercise daily with whole body, mind and soul and charge ourselves with positivity and feel happiness in our attitude.

Prof. Sanjay Biyani.
Director (Acad).
(Thoughts delivered in Assembly held on 15th March, 2016.)

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