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We celebrate Holi for two days. On the first day is for burning negative aspects of life which is named as burning Holi (जलाने वाली होली). The second day, Holi is celebrated by playing with colours (खेलने वाली होली). Have you ever thought ,What is the meaning behind these systems? What is the purpose of Holi ? What is its Real essence? Next day ,we welcome love elements in us by sharing happiness and bringing smile on other’s face. Love does not mean attraction only. Love & Attraction are two different things.
Attraction is because of external appearance whereas love is because of inner beauty. Attraction means possessing whereas love means giving. Only when we remove negativity from within then only we can make space for good aspects in our life. Like if hatred is removed then love grows in us. We can fill our life with the beauty of light only when we are ready to remove the darkness of ignorance from within. So, to bring love element in us we should get rid of jealousy or ego. To get something grand we have to remove something bad. Therefore, we should burn our greed to generate compassion in us. Until and unless we avoid criticism habit we cannot appreciate others. So celebrate Holi by understanding its true meaning. Let us create love element in our body, in our mind, in our soul.
Let us meditate by the help of a powerful shloka :-
Om purnamadah purnamidam purnat purnamudacyate.
Purnasya purnamadaya purnamevavasisyate.
Om Shant Shanti Shanti.
Meaning is : –
God is a complete entity. World is also complete creation of him. If we take out the world from God then also He remains complete. Let me bow down to him and realise “I am a peaceful soul”.

Prof. Sanjay Biyani
Director (Acad.)
(Thoughts delivered in Assembly held on 22nd March, 2016)

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