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When there is happiness and cheerfulness life definitely changes. Vibration follows energy and energy follows body. And if we keep following body only, then the realization of true happiness is not possible. All the stages of life becomes successful and purposeful if we always follow the continuous hopeful path of happiness. Only with body consciousness, we can not realize true happiness and peace of mind.

Therefore, the key of purposeful life is happiness. Just like when students appear for exams they feel completely stressed and as soon as the exams were over they take a sigh of relief. That means the happiness is felt from heart and it makes us lively.

So, for making our life beautiful with eternal happiness we should everyday tell our self that “this day is very lovely” and should feel grateful to god for the wonderful day. An optimistic thought actually makes our life purposeful and make our personality pleasing.

We do not grow old because of time but because of our thinking. Therefore, we can always be young by giving good vibration to our body, by doing exercise, meditation everyday at least for 10-15 minutes.

Celebrate each moment of life with the valuable mantras prescribed in our holy books and while you are chanting any mantra do it sincerely with devotion. It is fact that only we canhelp our self and can bring that desirable change in our life that we want.

T here has to be originality in our songs and dance. We should never copy others. Sing your own song and create new steps of dance.

Whatever we do, we should do it like a child because a child has a faith that his teacher is right. His mother is right. Accept every moment, stop rejection, stop judging. Start sacrificing for others. How many of you can sacrifice something for your mother or for your brother, for some one close to you ? Unless you start giving you will not enjoy life fully. More you give in life more you get.

Life is to learn something new everyday. Today, we will do exercise with Durga Mantra. Durga is a symbol of strength and Mahishasur is our ego. While doing exercise try to involve 100% in that and leave ego aside. Grow like a child and enjoy while doing anything.

Prof. Sanjay Biyani
Director (Acad.)
(Thoughts delivered in Assembly held on 19th March, 2016)

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