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Gayatri Mantra is an extremely powerful shloka

Gayatri Mantra is an extremely powerful shloka. We should know the meaning of each word before chanting any mantra. We should have connection with our culture, tradition and belief or we will be an object of fun for others.

Chanting a mantra without having a proper understanding of its true meaning is worthless.This proper understanding is something that assists our growth.

This Mantra has repeatedly been chanted for five hundred years now. It is a Salutation to sun as a source of energy.

When we listen a mantra while grasping its true meaning then only we can acquire a true knowledge and power to change ourselves. The important thing here is the “viberation”, which creates energy and this energy transforms into right action.

Another important issue that needs our focus is our “Negativity.””Negativity” is something that hampers our growth, it does not let us grow. This “Negativity” is not due to our wrong food habits rather is mainly due to our thoughts. For instance, the people who consume onion, garlic or non-vegetarian food may not have as strong negative thought and aggression as many of pure-vegetarian people who do not consume non-vegetarian food or even onion and garlic.

So, lets understand the essence of “Gayatri Mantra” by try and reach for the true meaning of each and every word of this powerful mantra. What is this that renders it so special about this Mantra for which we should chant it everyday.”Why” should we do this? This why is important as unless this quest for knowledge arises in our mind we will not be able to understand the true meaning or nature of things.

I feel, there are two sorts of people – the leaders, who are only 1% and the rest 99% are the followers. The leaders are the people who have the quest for knowledge, who are attached with this “Why” word.

So, today let’s listen carefully and understand the true meaning of each and every word in detail and then further spread the knowledge.

“OM” is the word formed by three words ——– अ, उ, म
अ is ब्रह्मा ( or ब्रह्म ) who creates
उ is विष्णु (  ) who maintains.
म is महेश ( or शिव ) who destroys
भू – means earth.
र्भुव – means above the earth.
स्व: –  means heaven or whole galaxy.
We remember God who surrounds the earth beyond the earth till heaven. That is God, an energy enveloping us from all around. We take energy from Him and act as per this energy.
तत means equal – this raises a question – “equal to what?”
सवितु –  means Sun. That is this source of energy or God is like Sun which is the most powerful source of energy or positivity.
वरेण्यम – means which we should embibe. (वरण करने योग्य)
भर्गों – means who destroy our sins. (जो पापों का नाश करने वाला है)
देवस्य –  means who is capable of giving (जो देने वाला है)
धीमहि – means which we can feel in our heart (हृदय में धारण करने योग्य)
धियों –  means who can wipe out our sins. (जो पापों को धो देता है)
यो न: –  means equal (जिसके लिये सब बराबर )
प्रचोदयात –  means who inspires me to get positive energy & to live with thankfulness.
So, the true meaning is – GOD who is a source of energy, who is the creator of universe, who can forgive our sins, who is capable of giving unconditionally we remember you with gratitude & bow down to you.
This is a format of energy. “SHIVA” means a source of power, energy. Let us all salute this energy which governs the whole world. I request such a powerful energy to remove the ignorance and darkness in my life and enlighten me so that I can live with full positivity or knowledge.
If you want to get rid of negativity then draw energy from a positive source, as whatever you speak, it creates vibration, which in turn generates energy. This is quite a scientific process. This is the positive energy that we all talk about that can bring a change in your attitude towards life and thus can bring an overall change.

Prof. Sanjay Biyani
Director (Acad.)
(Thoughts delivered in Assembly held on 22nd March, 2016)

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