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Mulberry leaves are the panacea of diabetes, know the other benefits of eating it.

Mulberry is mostly used for making silk, but its medical properties are quite beneficial for patients with diabetes. Mulberry has many medicinal properties. Eating its leaves reduces the amount of glucose in the blood. Elements present in mulberry overcome the lack of water in the body, it also removes many stomach problems, mulberry contains vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus, which help in curing many diseases.
Like mulberry, its leaves are also very beneficial. Wounds are cured by grinding its leaves and applying it, apart from this, it also gets rid of ringworm, itching and itching, mulberry juice is beneficial in heart diseases, drinking its juice everyday keeps the heart healthy and Cholesterol level is also good.

Cleans blood

It also cleanses the blood, drinking tea or its juice of mulberry leaves also relieves the burning sensation in the chest, diabetic patients should chew its raw fruit.

Controls sugar

Mulberry leaf contains an element called DNJ, which forms a bond consisting of the alpha glucosidase enzyme formed in the intestine. This bond controls the amount of sugar in the blood. Apart from this, DNJ also regulates excess glucose produced in the liver. In such a situation, the consumption of mulberry leaf is also very useful, because 47 percent of the fasting sugar is from the glucose present in the liver. A component called acarbos is also found in its leaf, which controls the sugar after meals. Mulberry leaf is also helpful in maintaining cholesterol level.

May reduce inflammation

Mulberry leaf contains numerous anti-inflammatory compounds, including flavonoid antioxidants.
Some research suggests that mulberry leaf may combat inflammation and oxidative stress, both of which are linked to chronic disease.

For acne-prone skin

Clean your face thoroughly and apply the paste evenly on it. Apply a thicker layer to the area of acne or pimples. Wash the paste off with water after 15-20 minutes of application. For general skincare purposes, apply the fresh mask once or twice a week. People who have a serious acne condition can use the paste in the affected area daily. Those who are prone to suffer heat easily can use it every other day. The mask can clear heat, reduce inflammation and skin oil secretions. It can also reduce mild swelling and promote healing of acne.

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