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I am going to give you the best idea of management theory. Very few people are good listener and among them very few people can understand the knowledge.
How many of you are habitual of doing exercise in the morning? Everyday, If you exercise for 10 minutes in the morning, you will feel very fresh and you will be able to do your work in a better way.
Actually, body has the power to adapt any change. Today some of you might have taken shower with cold water in the morning but some people are using shower with cold water since a month. The facts says, If you are taking cold water bath you will remain healthy but those who take hot water bath may catch cold easily. Body is very powerful. It has got the capacity to tolerate any condition.
Can you tell me who is intelligent and who is wise ? Intelligent person have knowledge and wise people are those who can understand the intention ¼ & ½ behind the speaker who is speaking in front of them and after listening carefully can give proper answer to any question asked by the speaker. Everyone understands power is different because each one of us has different mindset. Some of you may have 1000 vocabulary words where as some of you may have only 100 words in their vocabulary. That’s why everyone possesses unique understanding power. So wisdom lies in understanding the intention behind the speaker and then being a good listener and after that passing the knowledge by using proper words.
How many of us can use good language while speaking? I do feel that child learns to speak in 2yrs whereas an adult takes whole life to learn how to speak, what to speak, when to speak and to whom.
If you use right words at the right time then there will be no dispute, no dowry case will be lodged, and there will be no crime case. We can use the words which brings happiness, joy and peace to the person close to us. There will be no conflict in this world.
Sometimes you face a fighting situation with your younger brother but fight begins with his words not with the intention behind his words. So try to be wise. Do you know the meaning of “PRAGYA ” ? This means when the knowledge is in the highest stage, in enlighten stage and in matured stage. Knowledge is not that which the speaker says. Knowledge is that which benefits to the listeners. That is why knowledge should be listener oriented. Just to give a good lecture (from book) is not right knowledge. That is an exhibition of knowledge or just bookish knowledge. Knowledge is not that which you learn from book. Knowledge is that which you learn from experience.
From today onwards ,note down your experiences which are different from yesterday, which you may have experienced due to scolding of your father, or due to any relationship. This is how your Pragya can grow. Write your problem and from tomorrow you should try to bring good questions, questions related to life which will help to grow your curiosity power and gaining more knowledge. By this you can increase your vocabulary also. Till now you are writing only what you learnt from book that is only information not knowledge
Don’t be like “Duryodhana” who never accepted any good knowledge because his ego stopped him to follow any right path. Be like Arjuna who was always ready to bow down and accept the right path and gain new knowledge.
Let us learn something new every day. Let us be ready to be a good listener, let us drop our ego, be humble and be a child who is ready to accept new knowledge.
This way you will develop your Pragya so that you won’t have to regret for your past and won’t face depression due to your misconduct of the past. Let yourself live a meaningful life with caring and loving attitude and then at the age of seventy ,you will be able to say “I am a blessed person. I am so lucky.”

Prof. Sanjay Biyani.
Director (Acad).
(Thoughts delivered in Assembly held on 14th March, 2016.)

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