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Vijay Diwas : 16 December, India’s victory over Pakistan

Vijay Diwas is celebrated on December 16 every year to commemorate India’s victory over Pakistan in 1971. India had defeated Pakistan in this war. Indian army brought Pakistani soldiers to their knees. Another fact is that Bangladesh was born on this day. Hence, Bangladesh celebrates its independence day on December 16 every year.

What is Vijay Diwas?

The Government of India decided on December 03, 1971, that India would go for war with Pakistan to save Bengali Muslims and Hindus. This war was fought between India and Pakistan for 13 days only. But, the Pakistani army surrendered before India with 93,000 soldiers. It was the Indian Army’s one of the biggest victories ever made against Pakistan.

What happened in 1971?

• Prior to 1971, Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan, which was called ‘East Pakistan’.
• It is believed that people of ‘East Pakistan’ were beaten, exploited, raped and murdered by the Pakistani Army.
• India supported Bangladesh against Pakistan’s oppression in ‘East Pakistan’.• There was huge discontent against the military ruler of Pakistan, General Ayub Khan, in ‘East Pakistan’.
• On December 3, 1971, the government of India ordered the Indian Army to declare war against Pakistan to save people of ‘East Pakistan’.
• This war was fought under the leadership of Field Marshal Manekshaw. About 1500 soldiers of India were martyred during this war.
• On 16 December 1971, about 93,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered before the Indian Army Commander Lt Gen Jagjit Singh Arora in Dhaka.
• Bangladesh emerged on the world map with India’s victory in this war.

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