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International Mountain Day 2020: 11 December

International Mountain Day : If the world had no mountains, this world would have been incomplete. While mountains are a symbol of beauty, height and perseverance, life of many people depends on them. People live their lives on the mountains. They also get employment by farming here. Animal husbandry is also done on the mountains, in such a situation, conservation of mountains is a subject on which it is important to throw light keeping in mind the current climate change. The whole world is going to celebrate International Mountains Day on 11 December. In such a situation, it is very important that we understand the importance of this day and know the history. Learn about this special day of mountains.

International Mountain Day History

Mountains are of great importance in the world. It is very important that the mountainous areas are taken care of, so the United Nations General Assembly declared 2002 as the United Nations International Mountains Year and resolved to celebrate International Mountains Day from 11 December 2003. Every year many people of the world come forward to protect the mountains. A topic for the mountains is also decided by the United Nations General Assembly, on which different countries work.

Why is it celebrated?

The main reason behind celebrating International Mountains Day is that the life of many people is connected with the mountains. The geographical location of the mountains is changing due to climate and land changes. Development in the mountainous areas is going on, so it is important that these areas have environmental protection. People associated with the mountains should understand their obligations towards the mountains, this day is organized every year keeping these things in mind.

How is celebrated

To celebrate this day, people living in mountainous areas, people employed in the mountains, mountaineers, social organizations have the highest enthusiasm. Different forums have different competitions. People share experiences and photos of their mountain trips together. By writing a hashtag of International Mountains Day on social media, write about a mountain event or share photos related to it.


Every year a theme is decided to celebrate International Mountains Day. For the last 16 years, World Mountain Day has been celebrated by following different topics. The theme selected this year by the United Nations General Assembly is ‘Biodiversity of mountains’. Last year, this day was organized in different ways on the theme ‘Youth on Mountains Matter’.

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