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Hiroshima Day

पूर्वा चतुर्वेदी

Hiroshima Day On 6 August:

In the final year of World War II, the Allies prepared for a costly invasion of the Japanese mainland. This undertaking was preceded by a conventional and firebombing campaign that devastated 67 Japanese cities.

The war in Europe concluded when Germany surrendered on 8 May 1945.  And the Allies turned their full attention to the Pacific War.

Fission weapon

By July 1945, the Allies’ Manhattan Project had produced two types of atomic bombs: “Fat Man”, a plutonium implosion-type nuclear weapon .  “Little Boy”, an enriched uranium gun-type fission weapon.

509th Composite Group of the United States Army Air Forces was trained and equipped with the specialized Silverplate version of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress.  Deployed to Tinian in the Mariana Islands.

Allies called for the unconditional surrender of the Imperial Japanese armed forces in the Potsdam Declaration on 26 July 1945 .  Alternative being “prompt and utter destruction”. Japan ignored the ultimatum.

Hiroshima Day 2020 history:

The United States dropped an atomic bomb in the city of Hiroshima by an American B-29 bomber in the second world war.

Nuclear bomb that was dropped in Hiroshima city was named ‘Little Boy’. The explosion wiped out almost 90% of the city killing thousands of people.

90,000 buildings in Hiroshima blown:

There were around 90,000 buildings in Hiroshima, and after the bomb blast, only 28,000 were left. Apart from the killings, the Japanese also suffered from terrible burns and radiation sickness.

But Japan did not surrender in World War II. After three days, on August 9, the second bomb was dropped in Nagasaki. As a result, Emperor of Japan Hirohito announced unconditional surrender in World War II by radio on August 15, giving information about the destructive power of a new and barbaric bomb.

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