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Choose a career where your passion lies!!

How many of us, if given a chance to live our life all over again will want to live again and do the things differently than we are doing right now? Almost each one of us would be interested in fixing something we did in our past or the decisions we took due to ignorance. And if this thing is related to the selection of your career or profession, there is not much hope of significant improvement in this domain of life. I have interacted with thousands of students over a span of last few years and have reached on the conclusion, that students normally choose a career based upon the advice of their parents or family friends or opt something after a superficial enquiry of a particular profession. Once they study, clear the exams and actually start working in that particular job area, after few years, they either end up uninterested or rather frustrated working in the particular field.
After discussions and meetings with a large number of employees working in different fields I have reached on the conclusion that” Passion” or Deep interest should be the main decisive factor for any particular career selection. Many Engineers, I met were actually never interested in becoming engineers but somehow they realized this only after they graduated from colleges and started working in engineering field. So my point of emphasis here is that students should be very careful while deciding their career paths. Of course they should listen to their parents or uncles but at the same time they must tell them about their interest areas too. As a famous saying tells us that “If you work in the field of your own interest, you don’t have to work a single day in your life” And if you don’t choose a career which appeals to your heart or your passion, irrespective of the package or post you get, you will never be satisfied with your life and this will affect your personal or social relationships too. So the conclusion here is that you need to carefully watch your interest in the field before you take admission anywhere.

Amit Gupta

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