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What is mindset in real terms?
God has blessed everyone with a unique mindset. Everybody possesses a different & unique mindset. Mindset is actually a combination of different thoughts in a unique manner with feelings which are reflected in our actions.
How important is a particular mindset for a successful career?
Of course, it is right that a specific mindset is compulsory for a successful career. For example in Japan people address by saying “arigato gojayi mass”, in London people address by saying “Have a nice day” and in India we address each other with folded hands and say “Namaskar”. That shows globally there is variation in attitude and hence difference in mindset.
In terms of career, there is also a major role of mindset. For example two students of the same class can show different patterns of behavior due to their unique mindsets. If they both fail, one of them will accept it by stating that there was lack of hard work and preparation from his side and so he failed whereas the other may keep on cursing and blaming others along with his own luck for the same. On the roads, we have often seen people wearing helmets while driving but some wear due to the fear of traffic police and some to keep themselves safe and being civilized citizens it is our duty to do so. Hence it proves that perception and one’s mindset is unique and varies from person to person.
Which mindset has to be adopted for a successful and bright career?
If we analyze minutely, some students’ focus on conceptual detailing while studying. Their mind is clear with the line of action to be followed and the requisite method to be adopted for learning whereas other students prefer to cram things rather than understanding the same.
Here situation is same for all students but their mindset and perception is different. Some people believe in excusing themselves and some in accepting things. And the day one changes his/her mindset by stop making excuses & accepting things, their life will change. They will start learning & improving gradually. Therefore, everything revolves around our mindset and hence whatever we see and observe around us has an impact on our mindset. Sometimes, in spite of having the same family environment, some children differ in their mindset. Especially, in the age group of 10-20 years, the maximum probability of development of mindset is found. And so, parents and teachers should make maximum utilization of this time period as after 20 years, age grasping and learning capability is reduced.
What should be the remedy for such people who know where they are lacking & why but yet don’t bother to do hard work?
Those who are uncertain about their self & future prefer to stay away from hard work. To accept one’s fault genuinely and to superficially do it just for the sake of doing it are two different things. If we whole heartedly accept our faults and bear strong will power to improve, then we can improve in life. Our will power makes our mindset & makes us ready for the future accomplishments.

Prof. Sanjay Biyani


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