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Tina Ambani:(Birthday: 11 February)

Tina Ambani:The journey from Tina Munim to Tina Ambani. Born on 11 February 1957, former actress Tina Munim became Tina Ambani after marriage! Actress Tina Munim was once identified with her films. After winning an international beauty contest in 1975, Devanand Sahib looked up to her and in 1978 Desa Pardes made her debut in the film world.

Tina Ambani Family Background

Tina came from a Gujarati family who had no connection with films, nor was she interested in films herself. But how could anyone turn down the offer of a great actor like Devanand and then his film journey continued to achieve great beauty until 1987 when she moved to California to attend college. Meanwhile, he acted in 30–35 films, with ‘Rocky’ being a super hit with Sanjay Dutt.

Tina Ambani: Filmy Carrer

Along with Basu Chatterjee, he made two films – ‘Baat-Baat Mein Mein’, and ‘Manapasand’. However, she herself considers ‘Adhikar’ to be the best film in terms of acting. In 1991, when Tina was 31, she married Anil Ambani. In Tina’s film life, her relationships with actors were undoubtedly linked, especially with Rajesh Khanna. But after marriage, Tina has proved to be the best daughter-in-law, good wife and mother of the family.

Tina has repeatedly said in her interviews that her husband Anil has not denied her for anything till date and there is nothing in her life that she wants to have and could not achieve. The story of Tina is like a fairy tale …. everything golden … shining … miraculous !! Significantly, Tina-Anil has two sons, Jai Anmol Ambani and Jai Anshul Ambani.


Tina likes to stay away from Mumbai’s flamboyance, in the April 2012 edition of Shobhaa’s magazine “Hello”, Tina again appeared on the cover page after a long hiatus. In an interview for the same magazine, Tina told Shobhaa De that she does not spend her time in branded clothes, beauty parlors like ordinary socialite women.

She uses commercial flights when needed, on her husband’s chartered plane. Even after its existence. Beyond the outside looks, Tina has an amazing sense of confidence that makes her different, most superior.

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