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Have we ever thought about the very basic question “What is the root cause of our all problems?” Is it jealousy or anger or lust or is it greed? According to my observation all problems arise due to our misunderstood ego which categorizes us as an Engineer or Doctor or Teacher or as a Hindu or Muslims. This narrow thinking creates all problems. Due to which we are not able to give our 100% performance.
Now the question arises how to get rid of this ego problem. We have to master a very important skill which will help us to understand & treat people equally irrespective of their positions or education. If we have mastered the skill we will be able to feel gratitude for each & every thing which makes our life worth-living, we will be able to acknowledge the sweeper who actually cleans our dirt. This way we will not only master our unguided ego but also will be able to make the other person feel valued and respected.
Now comes the other problem i.e. how to love & be loved by all?
We can get inspiration from our holy books no matter of which religion they are as they all teach to love & feel gratitude.
We should be grateful to the knowledge that guides our life & more than that we should be grateful to our mentors our teachers who make us learn & understand knowledge in a right way.
Teachers also do learn and grow simultaneously. There are various stages of learning in a teachers life.
1. In this stage a teacher is in infancy stage, she learns skill of learning.
2. Secondly the teacher learns how to teach and that to with complete  confidence.
3. In this stage a teachers learns to apply the learned knowledge & skill in their  own life as action speaks louder than words.
4. This stage is the stage of self-realization. Here the teacher actually able to realize who they are, what they are doing and how to do the same effectively. In this stage the teacher actually realizes the value of the pious profession of teaching.
5. In the final stage the teacher becomes aware of the presence of the omnipotent God.

If a teacher is able to realize the fact that a teacher is like a candle sacrificing herself to enlighten others by to removing ignorance and leading towards the path of knowledge.
Nothing on this earth comes without cost so is applicable for knowledge attainment. We can not get any knowledge free. To live better life let us be thankful to all those who gives us knowledge and to all our teachers. Let us develop the habit of giving thanks to all living and nonliving things. This will make us humble.

To me teaching is the most noble profession. Even our former president Dr. S. Radhakrishnan was a teacher. Our country can advance only due to efficient & effective teachers. A teacher should always be able to say “Thank you God for making me a human being and above all a teacher”.

Be a happy teacher because you are the only source which can spread happiness & inspire the future generations.
See your inner beauty and try to say “I respect you”. If you respect yourself then others will also respect you.

Teaching profession should be given proper respect. I want to congratulate all who are attached to this noble profession which is like a vocation.

There should be a spark in our would be teachers. Your features determines your future. Only we can make difference from the crowd by using our unique personality. We have to take out our inner personality for this we need to meditate.

Let us fold our hands, close our eyes and take a long deep breath and enchant the Panch Navkar Mantra three times :

NAMO ARIHATANAM – which means who purifies his own Karma and who realizes God
NAMO SIDDHANAM – The person who gets enlightment (A teacher)
NAMO AYARIYANAM – Who practices and who teaches.
NAMO UBAJJHAJHAYANAM – Teacher who can preach continuously
NAMO LOYSABBASAHUNAM – All spiritual teachers.

These are the mantras by which we can pay gratitude to our teachers. This mantra actually means that teacher is that person who has purified his own soul (Karma) and who realizes God and has become an enlightened person. He just don’t preach but also practice and helps his students to get perfection. He continuously removes the darkness and leads everyone towards enlightenment.
For concentration we have to repeat the Mantras. Lack of concentration is the main problem of student life and ego is a problem of personal life.
Science says energy is created by vibration and vibration is created by sound. When we create sound we create thoughts. Thoughts creates feelings. Feelings causes energy and energy materializes. Let us practice all these in our day to day life to make our life meaningful & beautiful.

Prof. Sanjay Biyani
Director (Acad.)

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