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Live in Awareness & try to Awaken Yourself

“What is the purpose of my life?”Let us move towards perfection. Listen to your inner voice. Don’t live a meaningless life. Live in awareness and try to awaken yourself. If you will do so then people will not misuse you. You are no less than Gandhiji or Kalpana Chawla. The only difference is that they lived with awareness and most of us are sleeping all the time, we are not alert and waste our time in day dreaming. Sometimes we should ask this question to ourselves – “what is the difference between me and an animal?”If you are sleeping all the time then you are wasting your valuable time. Let us now promise to awaken ourselves and try to fulfill our dream or
expectations of our parents. All the power of universe is within you. You can do anything and everything. Let us now focus at the centre of our eyebrows where we put “Tilak” or “Tika”. This question should also arise in your mind that “why don’t we put Tilak or Bindi on our feet or any other place but only on the forehead?’It is because this is the place of our wisdom Chakra or the third eye which is also known as the Knowledge eye. During any auspicious ceremony or before inauguration of new building or during Puja there is a tradition of putting Tilak at the centre of eyebrows. This is to get awareness and to wake up from sleep. This is to bring our consciousness and awaken our subconscious mind. Now let us close our eyes and with100% involvement try to do meditation by chanting “Om” mantra with the right attitude.

Prof. Sanjay Biyani
Director (Acad.),
Biyani Girls College

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