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How to keep motivation level high all the time || Positive News Paper in Jaipur

In this edition of Biyani Times, I am telling you about a very special rule that will make you a very disciplined, focused and productive personality. Despair will never touch you. You will feel full of energy and excitement. I strongly believe that this rule can benefit every student and youngster.

We accompany three things with us wherever we go. These are:

(i)        Physical body.

(ii)       Heart where feelings and emotions originate.

(iii)      Mind where ideas and thoughts originate.

These three components come together to form our overall personality.

I believe that smart work is more important that hard work. A wood cutter must sharpness his axe before starting the work. A sharp axe cuts more wood in a lesser time and with a lesser effort.

We should also adopt a similar approach. All rich and successful people work smart, while the poor work hard. We too can achieve success and accomplish much.

Now let us understand the new rule called 20-20-20 rule. Every day, we should wake up early in the morning, say at 5 am.

From 5 am to 5.20 am (20 minutes), we should do physical exercise and deep breathing. This will make our physical body strong, flexible, healthy and energetic.

Thereafter from 5.20 am to 5.40 am (20 minutes), we should meditate and pray to the Almighty. This will improve our emotions and feelings. It has been proved time and again that meditation brings peace, improves concentration and gives internal happiness.

After working on our physical and spiritual body, now we need to focus on our mental body. We need to improve our thoughts.

So for the next 20 minutes, i.e. from 5.40 am to 6.00 am, we must listen to good music, or watch a good video or read a motivational book or an inspiring autobiography of a great personality like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Einstein etc. Every field has its share of inspiring personalities, you can learn about them on the internet.

Just make sure that whatever you can read or watch from whichever source is motivational. It should inspire you to undertake new challenges.

Here, I would like say one more thing that those who want a ‘stable success’, they should remain focused on their goals consistently. This is important especially for those who are preparing to become a RAS or an IAS officer or a chartered accountant. Such goals are achieved with long-term planning and sustained efforts. Learned people have rightly said that there is no shortcut to success.

Dear readers, you should follow this schedule very religiously, and do an assessment after a month. You can send your feedback to me as well. I am sure you will get good results by adhering to this 20-20-20 rule.




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