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Emotional intelligence is a phrase which incorporates the aspects of both emotions and intelligence. These twin inseparable qualities make a great impact on the people. Current workplaces are extremely volatile, dynamic and demand higher productivity. As a result of these speedy and striking changes, the workforce in the corporates is on a roller coaster of emotions. Augmented competition, time pressure, targets, pay and promotion, working environment, relationships with colleagues are the major reasons of stress and dissatisfaction. People with dynamic personality and who are open to innovative procedures are able to accomplish their goals. Those who can withstand the new challenges and mounting pressures in the job will only survive. In the current scenario, the job demands understanding, communicating, emphasizing and learning from team mates.
Emotional Intelligence helps to understand the personality of a person, his efficiency and effectiveness in doing a task, his ability to maintain a balance between work and home, success in career, ability to handle stress, team work, motivate his subordinates, retention of manpower, leadership qualities, the way he manages a situation of conflict, handles customers and looks into every aspect of their satisfaction. Emotional intelligence involves the abilities to perceive, appraise, and express emotions. EI surely has an important role to play in managing issues related to the employee behaviour.
It can be summed up that Emotional Intelligence is the guiding force for success in the organisation. It influences the overall ability to manage with the organisational demands leading to stress and pressures. It is also an essential element in leadership effectiveness. EI should be added to the list of traits that employees should possess. The success is directly associated with the socio – behavioral characteristics of the human resources.

Dr. Neha Pandey, Registrar, Biyani Group of Colleges

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