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Dancing and its benefits: Let’s Know

Dancing and its benefits

Article by Suniti, BJMC Ist Sem

Dancing is something everyone can do. Dancing has a lot of forms that varies from traditional to western to disco which makes it possible for everyone to choose the category that suits them. It’s long known that dancing has always been a part of human culture and celebrations. No one can think of a party that does not involve dancing. Dancing is more like a process of self-recreation than a competitive activity, it is an enjoyable way of making yourself fit and physically active. So one should definitely include dance in their daily routine and here is why you should do that:

Health benefits of Dancing:

*1. Improves condition of your heart and lungs:

As already mentioned dance has so many forms, one of them being Zumba, which is really beneficial for your heart and lungs. You can also do cardio in a form of dance to regulate your heartbeat and breathing.

*2. Weight Management:

Dancing is best for people suffering from obesity and other weight problems since it is painless unlike other heavy workouts one follows to deal with their weight. Also it is way enjoyable than those boring exercises. Dancing is also a better option than gym as it is free and less stressful.

*3. Better coordination and flexibility:

Dancing is just like exercising and stretching your bones so it will naturally assist in strengthening your bones and muscles. With practice as the stretches will become easier, you will be able to go farther into each stretch, creating longer lines as you permanently lengthen your muscles making them more flexible. It also increases hand-eye coordination and improve motor skills.

*4. Increases confidence and social skills:

It is so fun to dance in a group or with a partner. There are lots of different places you can enjoy dancing like an auditorium, a school function, in clubs or even at your home. Dance is all about being comfortable. When you dance in a group it helps you meet new people and helps you bond with them. When you go to a dance academy you feel confident seeing yourself dancing in front of a mirror. Dancing is a fun way to make new friends. Dance helps you feel strong, capable and in control of your body. It gives you an opportunity to create endless memories with new people you meet who share your love for dance.

*5. Dancing Relieves stress:

Dance offers a space to have fun, relax and relieve anxieties. Dancing releases endorphins also called happy hormone which serve to reduce stress and cause our body to feel inner joy and be optimistic. It is the best way to vent your anger without hurting anyone.

Dancing can be done both socially and competitively. It can be a great sporting choice and the best part about it is that age does not matter. You don’t need any outer gears to start dancing. After choosing your style, you can choose the gears you need. For example, if you like tap dancing, tap shoes will be the one for you. While choosing your dance style, keep your needs in mind and ask questions to yourself. Do I prefer fast dancing or slow dancing? Take your time and find your style.

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