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We all are powerful as we possess 50 trillion cells each comprising of 30 trillion D.N.A. Also we have many thousand atomic and subatomic (energy) atoms in our body and we all bear a unique tremendous mental energy.
Therefore, it means we have the ability of doing anything. Now, the question arises what should we do? The appropriate answer for it is that we should always try to give our best and most importantly should spread happiness everywhere as once we start giving it we kept on receiving it.
Females are considered the epitome of power like goddess Durga. The perception of power in terms of physical strength is wrong whereas power in true sense lies in the atomic & sub-atomic levels i.e. in the D.N.A.
Besides this facts, females consider themselves as a weak member in the society. They are not aware of their powers may be because of some misconceptions like, the power is with goddess Durga only and not with us? Is it due to your low self confidence or social structure? Or Is it due to negative feelings like jealousy etc.?
I will elaborate it with the help of an example, suppose its your birthday and you are expecting a gift from your father. As usual when you receive a valuable gift wrapped nicely from your father your joy knew no bound. But next moment when he directs you to bring another similar gift packet from car and give it to your little sister, your happiness level becomes low. This is due to jealousy, as your mind starts fading our faith and illogical questions come to our mind.
We are all powerful but lack in realization of the same. It has been found that it is ego in man which stops him from growing and he loses all his power and it is jealousy which takes away power from girls. Due to jealousy and egoism we loose our hidden potentiality. We are not happy for whatever we are getting.
Failure is the outcome of our directional desires, due to lack of belief and negative thoughts. From now onwards, lets us all grow beautifully. Drop your ego, drop your jealousy and lets share our happiness and lets wish good for others.
We should be happy in others well being. Lets become capable enough to congratulate others for their success, sincerely appreciate every person we meet and pray for the well being of others. Let’s be focused on what we have and not what we don’t have. By removing jealousy and egoistic nature we can explore our hidden power and can realize the eternal power of goddess Durga within.
We get internal happiness by making others happy. We can grow beautifully by loving others. We are all beautiful. It’s our inner beauty which makes us beautiful. It does not depend on the outer appearance. Let us work on our internal happiness by telling everybody wholeheartedly, “I congratulate you all” ! “I am proud of you” as many times as possible.
We don’t like people who irritate us and criticize us. We want to avoid their company. Similarly, just think if we make this type of negative environment no one will like us. Make people happy by your presence, by appreciating them, by congratulating them. You will see happiness will be bound to come back to you. It will follow like your own shadow.
Go on doing good things. Give water to thirsty people or feed the hungry people. But do it with a complete devotion. We can try and pray to god, “Help me to do good work through my hands”.

Prof. Sanjay Biyani
Director (Acad.)

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