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Aisha Khan 
In 1986, the Government of India designated February 28 as National Science Day, to commemorate the announcement of the discovery of the “Raman effects”.
CV Raman was born to a family of Sanskrit scholars in Trichy, during the Madras presidency in 1888. At the age of only 16, He received a BA degree from Presidency College in Madras and was placed first in his class. While studying for his MA degree, at the age of only 18, he got published in his philosophical Magazine: this was first research paper ever published by Presidency College. Due to his ill health, he was unable to travel abroad for further education, thus in 1980 he got married and settled down in Calcutta as an assistant accountant general.
In 1986, the Government of India, under the Prime Minster Rajiv Gandhi designated February 28 as National Science Day this year’s edition is being celebrated under the theme of “Global Science for Global wellbeing, in light of India’s G20 presidency.
The Raman Effect was the discovery which won physicist sir CV Raman his Nobel Prize in 1930. conducting a deceptively simple experiment, Raman discovered that when a stream of light passes. through a liquid is a different color this discovery was immediately recognized as groundbreaking in the scientific community, being the subject of over 700 papers in the first seven after its announcement.

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