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MOHAMMED RAFI , Birthday- 24 DECEMBER 1924

ABOUT : Mohammed Rafi is considered to be one of the greatest playback singers in the history of Bollywood.  In the four decades that he was active, he sang for most of the top male actors. He was born in the small Punjabi village of Kotla Sultan Singh  not far from Amritsar.  he had the nickname of “Pheeko”. Rafi started to show an inclination towards music at a very early age when he used to imitate the songs of a wandering fakir that used to visit his village. he  died at 10:25 pm on 31 July 1980, following a massive heart attack.

MARRIED LIEF : Rafi married twice; his first marriage was to his cousin; Bashira and took place in his ancestral village. The marriage ended when his first wife refused to live in India following the killing of her parents during the disturbance of Partition of India and moved to Lahore, Pakistan.

CHILDREN : Rafi had four sons and three daughters; his first son Saeed was from his first marriage.


1977 : Kya hua tera wada


1966 : Baharo phool barsao

1968 : Dil Ke Jharoke Mein

1964 : Chahunga Main Tujhe

1977 : Kya Hua Tera Wada

1961 : Teri Pyaari Pyaari Surat Ko

LAST SONG : Shaam Phir Kyun Udaas Hai Dost / Tu Kahin Aas Paas Hai Dost






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