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Interview Techniques

Before appearing for interview as a fresher (or as an experienced professional), you need to be very careful and thoroughly prepared for the same.  These are few points which are to be kept essentially in mind, while preparing for interview:
1.    Once you get an interview call, spare some time for doing a small research about the company and the job profile being offered to you.
2.    There are few very general questions which are normally asked, make sure to practice and answer these question regarding your career objective and personal information.
3.    Wear only formal dress for interview and arrive on time at interview venue, which will give you ample time to settle down there and be relaxed before interview.
4.    You should make good first impressions and create an environment of positivity at the center. You can also read some magazines to eliminate fear of rejection and avoid anxiety.
5.    Introduce yourself properly and within selected domains in order to put forward your career vision in front of the interview board.
6.    Show passion towards the job you are applying for. Without passion the interviewers may not be impressed enough to select you for the particular job profile based only upon academic performance.
7.    During the interview process, you should always show your willingness to learn new things in order to grow in career. This gives an impression of your being active and growth oriented.
8.    You should always show respect for teachers, colleagues and previous bosses under whom you worked. Never say anything negative about anybody.
9.    In the conversation, try to promise loyalty in the company to work for a longer time. Companies prefer employees who work for a long duration with them.
10.    Ask insightful questions about the company and thank the interviewers in the end.

Amit Gupta.

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