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IAS Success Story: Become an IAS officer with no facilities

IAS Success Story: Vishal Shah: Vishal Shah of Arunachal Pradesh is one of those candidates who prove that nothing happens due to facilities or shortages, who are DETERMINED towards their goals, how can they succeed in any environment. Winners do not cry about things, rather they face whatever situation comes and they succeed only in every condition. Vishal Shah of Arunachal Pradesh presents a similar example. In Arunachal Pradesh too, where Vishal lived, it was a small village with little facilities but Vishal believes that to be successful one should not keep an eye on what you do not have but keep focused on what And how it can be best used. In the interview given to Delhi Knowledge Track, Vishal shared tips to clear the UPSC exam.

Help from last year’s question papers

Talking in the interview, Vishal says that on the first step, he had taken up last year’s question papers. Through them, they wanted to know what is the exam pattern and what type of questions come in the exam. Vishal considers them very important for preparation.

The next important step is to see the syllabus. Seeing the syllabus, you know what to prepare and what kind of books to arrange for that. Syllabus and last year’s question papers are a good way through which candidates can start their preparation. Actually, it is very important to know properly before proceeding on any path. Let us assume that both these works are done by last year papers and syllabus.

Help taken from interview of toppers too –

After walking the first two steps, Vishal did the third important thing to watch the interview of the toppers. That is, they knew which way to go but how to go on that path, this interview of toppers guided them. With the help of these videos, he also prepared a book list for himself. Since Vishal had no other guidance, he tried to gather knowledge from wherever possible. The best way to do this was to put them toppers, that is, to take the help of those who have given this exam earlier and have also been successful. Thus Vishal’s carriage moved forward.

Be aware of optional

Vishal says that as we all know how important is the optional subject for this exam, so be aware of its choice. He also considered three optional subjects at his time, Law, Anthropology and Sociology. But before reaching any decision, they thoroughly researched all three and see the plus and minus of all three. After this, after understanding everything in the end, chose sociology.

Vishal’s election was a well thought out decision that proves his result. In fact, in the year 2018, when Vishal passed the UPSC examination, the same year he got the highest marks in All India in his Optional ie Sociology i.e. he scored the highest.

Vishal’s advice –

Vishal considers friends very important in his case. He says that he got a lot of help from friends in his life who not only guided him step by step but he also managed to handle them whenever he was demotivated. Vishal thanks him again and again. They say to give feedback to your friends and pay attention to their feedback. Many times people do not see their mistakes, but another easily sees them. Vishal also used to write his answers to friends who were preparing for their UPSC and take their feedback. This is a good way to test yourself from time to time because Vishal never joined coaching etc.

In the end, Vishal says that work on your shortcomings, know from others where you need improvement and instead of crying what is not there, consider what you have and move ahead. Vishal also had only internet support in his village from where he used to get all kinds of help. Till the test series, Vishal did not join any coaching to buy them from the market and give them a solution. Vishal’s story tells us that if the intention is sure, then no problem can stop your path.

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