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Dynamic Communication is Effective Communication

“The best way to be heard is to listen”

Being able to present and express yourself is one of the most important life skills one can acquire. This skill enables us to channelize proper flow of emotions and information to people around us and also communicate what others want to convey. By developing good communication skills, all the aspects of life can be enhanced, from personal life to a successful professional attitude and everything in between. The proficiency to communicate effortlessly, accurately as it is intended, is a significant skill of personality. But making the communication interesting and lively is another great efficiency which one can develop in his/her talent.

There is great career opportunity in the field of dynamic communication, for example, social influencers. There are two types of professionals, first who are self motivated, and second who are encouraged by others. This profession is the finest example of dynamic communication skills. But getting success in this field depends upon how differently you can present yourself. One of the elements needed in this communication is that you must have interesting ways to present your point of view. Why is it that you find some public speakers boring and some others interesting? There are lots of factors associated to this, but we will discuss one. All human beings are hard-wired to adapt changes. When things change around us we pay more attention. This adaption separates us from other living beings. Majorly, the mistake done by speakers is that they don’t change the way they communicate, when public speakers remain constant they sound monotonous. For example, communicators who speak in fairly constant tone of voice lull public to sleep. Whereas, the communicator who moves around, interacts with people, also listens to their feedback, imbibes different tones, uses audio visual communication aids, will definitely appear more dynamic. The dynamic communication skill distinguishes the regular from the interesting social influencer. One more fact that these professionals tell about public speaking career is that they read and hear something relevant to master the trait. Prolific and best selling series author Amish Tripathi reads 100 pages to research for his one page. Same applies to public speakers who want to stand out in this profession; they must cultivate the habit of listening to different creative people to enhance their own communication skills.

Dr. Meenakshi Rathore,
Journalism &Mass Communication Dept.



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