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Free education to girl child a landmark decision

State Budget Analysis

Around 32% of total revenue comes from the central government either in the form of grants or share in the central taxes and 28% in the form of borrowings. And 18% of total revenue is used either for paying the debts or interest. It leads to budget deficit of Rs 30,000 crore or 3% of gross state domestic product. There should be financial prudence.

Gehlot announced various lucrative schemes, starting with a loan waiver scheme for the farmers and an unemployment allowance of Rs 3,500 per month. But how they will distribute that amount and how much will be the financial burden on the treasurer is still not clear.

The chief minister announced free education to the girl child.

But only a few thousand seats are available at government schools and colleges, so the government should provide scholarship to the girls studying at private institutions.

Private developers have made huge investments in the infrastructure because Jaipur is high of country’s tourism map. Other added attraction is the peaceful environment of the state.

But due to government apathy, the existing infrastructure is not being properly utilized. The government should focus more on tourism to boost revenue and employment opportunities for the youth.

Every government in its budget should focus on the industrial development which in turn will spur sustainable development.

Long term planning can bail Rajasthan out of the basket of BIMARU states.

Before presenting the budget, the CM should make public the promises made in the last year’s budget and subsequently fulfilled.

Mohit Rawat,

Assistant Professor,

Biyani Group of Colleges

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